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Patrika71 is an online news portal that aims to provide accurate and truthful news and feedback to viewers across the country. The online news portal started its journey on January 1, 2021, with the slogan "We are in search of truth." It is a completely private organization.

Patrika71 places additional emphasis on national news and resources in each district. It also covers various categories such as politics, economics, international, sports, entertainment, education, information and technology, features, lifestyle and saw. This online news portal is very different from all other news portals. Patrika71 regularly publishes reports in the country and around the world and publishes video news.

Editor of Patrika71 "Md. Sayful Islam" He does not live in Barisal, and it is being edited entirely from Barisal, Mathbaria. Their mainstream purpose is to bring something good for the country and the people of the country and do something good for them. Patrika71's main objective is to work regularly for the welfare of the country and the people of the country.


Patrika71 aims to deliver updated news to its readers in the shortest possible time. Patrika71 always strives to be accurate, objective and neutral in this journey of two news chiefs.

Following the basic principles of the Constitution of Bangladesh, Patrika71's goal is to strengthen public opinion in favor of the Liberation War. Patrika71 is committed to the country's fundamental values, especially national sovereignty, democracy and secularism.

Principles of ethics

Patrika71 Highest Ethical Standards Commitment, fairness, accuracy and objectivity are our core values ​​for maintaining our integrity. We believe that the credibility of the people is our most important asset. We are very true to the reader.

Patrika71 takes a non-partisan position on political issues because no political party can influence us. In addition, there is a neutral in the punishment of injustice or injustice. Whatever the outcome, Patrika71 never compromises national interest, human rights, the rule of law, gender issues and freedom of the press. This portal never compromises to reveal the truth.

Fact-checking policy

Information testing is considered one of the most important components of journalism. Patrika71 checks the information a few times before publishing it on their website. We have correspondents in 64 districts of the country. This large number of correspondents across the country assisted Patrika71 in covering various news and in compiling any news with the statements of both parties involved in any incident. In addition, our correspondent checks the information provided by eyewitnesses, locals and the administration.

Amendment policy

Patrika71 always tries to give accurate information to its viewers. Patrika71 does not hesitate to admit that mistakes can be made by following the correct procedure and that journalism can be wrong if there is any mistake in any information without writing, who is willing to accept them without any hesitation.

After verifying the paths correctly, Patrika71's goal is to let its readers know what is wrong and what is right as soon as possible. We have tried to make it very clear to all our listeners so that anyone can understand how and why that mistake has been corrected. Patrika71 provides a 'reminder' on its website during any major revisions, and we indicate the change.